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Hotels Montevideo Uruguay

hotels in the city of Montevideo
Regency Zonamerica - Country Lodge is strategically located in Jacksonville, one of the safest places in Montevideo and very near the International Airport installed and resting in a few minutes. Beside the hotel is located Zonamerica, the most important Business and Technology Park in Uruguay.
Zonamerica - Ruta 8 - Kmt. 17 - Jacksonville
USD 112.00
Bahamas Hotel located just 5 minutes from Carrasco International Airport, 3 minutes from the biggest shopping center in Uruguay and three blocks from the beach, in Parque Roosvelt avenue corner with Arizona.
Parque Roosvelt - Av.Al Parque Roosevelt 900 esq Arizona
USD 75.00
Regency Suites is a few minutes from Carrasco International Airport and from Zonamerica, the most important technological and business center in the country.
Carrasco - Gabriel Otero 6428
USD 66.50
Design Regency Apart Hotel Rambla, is located on the Rambla de Carrasco in a residential area, elegant and secure the city of Montevideo, just 1 minute from the shopping center Carrasco, 8 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from downtown of the city.
Carrasco - Rambla Rep. de México 6079
USD 108.00
Center of Carrasco, 10 blocks from Carrasco beach, 5 minutes drive from the International Airport and 15 minutes drive from downtown Montevideo.
Carrasco - Costa Rica 6484
USD 70.00
Surrounded by gardens, at a very short distance from downtown Montevideo, and a few minutes away from "Carrasco International Airport".
Carrasco - Av. Rivera 6512
USD 188.00
The Cottage hotel is located only 10 minutes far from International Airport, 15 minutes from Bus Terminal, 20 minutes from Montevideo downtown and port, and 20 minutes from Zonamérca (Free zone).
Carrasco - Miraflores 1360
USD 129.60
We are located in front of the sea in the heart of the Carrasco neighborhood, the most important and distinguished residential area of Montevideo, within walking distance of the first-class sports and activities you deserve while visiting the capital city of Montevideo.
Carrasco - Rambla Rca. de México 6535
USD 88.40
The Sofitel Montevideo is located in the neighborhood of Carrasco just 10 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from the city center. Facing the River Plate and surrounded by green avenues. It is the perfect location for business and pleasure.
Carrasco - Rbla República de Mexico esquina Arocena
USD 228.00
Located in the financial and commercial center of capital city, meter away from main Avenue.
Downtown - Colonia 1341
USD 64.00

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